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06 Sep 2019 04:57

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MBB is a costly investment that requires proper care and maintenance for optimum performance and speed. But getting out of your laptop is easy. Increase your speed and productivity with these tips. iCloud password reset 1. System Configuration: Of course, the most important factor in the performance of your MB configuration is the system configuration, such as processor speed, memory, and built-in disk space. Different MBs offer a variety of memory adjustment options, including larger memory and powerful processors for better memory graphics and crisp audio DO outputs. Of course, the configuration you choose depends on your individual needs. For example, a normal player will find that at least 4 GB of RAM is ideal, but most players opt for an additional graphics card to enhance the game experience.


2. High-End Maintenance: For high-end users, upgrading memory or processor can solve common performance issues. However, system speed is not constant, and regular system maintenance is important to ensure that your MBB continues the performance you expect. Forgot Apple ID Password In addition to installing a reliable antivirus program to ensure secure Internet access and data security, we recommend that system utilities be run on a weekly basis, and regular system cleanup.

Ferences. Settings options: A well-managed system can also crash occasionally, especially if you often play high-resolution multimedia files or download large documents and pictures. There are many utilities in your MBC that can rarely be used. However, they consume valuable batteries and bind system resources that can be better used by other applications. Settings System settings can be changed via Pulse Menu> System Settings.

Common settings commonly used include:

- Bluetooth supports wireless access to other Bluetooth enabled devices, preferably as a resource disabling and security measure.

- Speech recognition and universal access access settings are useful for blind or impaired users.

- Internet Sharing

- One of the scattering settings for "other" as needed

Application. Launching Apps: Most users ignore applications that open automatically at startup or LinkedIn. Most of these elements are rarely used, but still consume unnecessary memory. To access the initial applications, go to Accounts> Login Count Items. Forgot iCloud password First select the items you want to disable and then click the "minus" button below. Be careful about which items to remove initially, as initially removing complex applications can cause problems.

W Widgets: The Mac OS dashboard supports various widgets, many of which are free and useful, and not fun. However, the majority of these small applications consume system resources that are better spent elsewhere. The trick is to find out which of these widgets really puts you with the power of MB. If the weather widget or desktop .p clock is not required, turn it off.

Use the built-in monitoring utility of the mon quality monitor to find out which applications remove the processor and memory. Use your MBC wisely and you can ensure that you get first-class performance with minimal maintenance and proper system resource management.

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